One of a Kind Art for Children's Hero Awards


When board chair Jaimme Collins sat down with a committee to create the Children’s Hero Awards event, she was adamant that the agency stay away from plaques and trophies.  

“The honorees we selected are extraordinary people who have hearts of public servants. We wanted to give the honorees something they would treasure and create something that showcased the true character of service,” said Collins.  

Damion Hunter, an emerging, local artist, was commissioned to create one-of-a-kind portraits of each honoree. To create them, Hunter read up on each honoree and used several different photographs to inspire him. The paintings were unveiled at the Children’s Hero Awards event.

Hunter said, “My goal in this project is to represent not only the outward appearance of the honorees, but the inner spirit that has led to their significance in the community and the essence of their impact.”

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