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Children’s Bureau of New Orleans

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2626 Canal St. Suite 201
New Orleans, La 70119

Tel: (504) 525-2366
Fax: (504) 525-7525
*This email is for general support ONLY.  Please allow 2-3 business days for response.  
**If you need an immediate response, please call 911, the cope line at (504) 269-2673 or the Mobile Crisis Units at (504) 826-2675 (Orleans Parish)/ (504) 832-5123 (Jefferson Parish).

Accessing Services

If your child is suffering from high levels of stress or anxiety, or you have been a victim of violence, you can request an appointment to assess your eligibility for counseling anytime. Please call us at (504) 525-2366.

After Hours Emergencies

Please call the Cope Line: (504) 269-2673